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As you select your beach package, we can be combining it with an exploration of the following excursions with our local guides at a fair price. These also give you a guideline on the choice of excursions you can choose to engage in on your own at destination.dhow_cruise

Mombasa Island City Tour (3 hrs)

A City tour to the colourful city including the bustling fruit and vegetable market, the famous Elephant-moulded like Tusks, Fort Jesus, The Old Town and Port and Akamba Wood Carvers Centre

Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre (4 hrs)

Drive to Bombolulu cultural centre to sample the cultural lifestyles and culture in the different tribal huts and catch a real glimpse of African traditional life. The several traditional huts serving different tribal groundings have been created in this theme village. Also; the centre has workshops for the disabled people who create innovative products for sale through the empowerment program. In this centre; they believe disability is not Inability.

Mamba Village/Haller Park /Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary (3hrs)

Afternoon visit to the crocodile Farm, enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens as you wait for the crocodile feeding time at 05:00 pm. Haller Park represents a nature trail as a result of land reclamation by the Bamburi cent factory to rehabilitate the quarry. The park hosts numerous crocodiles, fish breeding ponds, Hippos and bird species. 5Km Inland is Nguuni Wildlife sanctuary still a project of Bamburi Forest Trails good for bird spotting and for its herds of farmed eland and Oryx Antelope and Ostrich Farm

Mida Creek &Mangrove Board walk (3Hrs)

Further from the Arabuko sokoke forest is Mida Creek which extends inland from the coast to Main Road; an interesting area of tidal mud, grassland and mangrove forest. This gives you an opportunity to commune with the tidal ecosystem for as long as you would like


Malindi is one of the most popular towns lying 100km in the Northern part of Mombasa. The Malindi Marine National Park is one of the visited attraction park that lies about 2kms offshore and is reachable by glass- bottomed boats. The park abounds with beautiful and diverse marine life. Other places of interest include the Vasco da Gama Pillar erected in 1498; the pillar was an appreciation by the Vasco Da Gama for the warm welcome by the people of Malindi. Approximately 10km north of Malindi at Mamburi are large saltpans, which produce salt for both domestic and export markets. However what draws tourists to this small town more than anything else is the 'holiday air' that blows about the place. The tranquility of the township and the merry atmosphere facilitates complete relaxation.


A 30 minutes flight from Malindi further north will get you to Lamu archipelago; a UNESCO world heritage site. The access to the island is possible by boat. The town is linked to the mainland and to the three other small islands of Kiwayu, Manda and Kiunga by waterways. Lamu is a unique town that boosts its magnificent old houses and street that are too narrow and winding to accommodate motorized transport. Consequently donkeys are the only mode of transportation!

Kisite Mpunguti &Wasini Island Dhow Trip (Full Day)

The day is spent aboard a traditional sailing dhow visiting the spectacular Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and reserve, home to a myriad of tropical fish and great coral formations. An opportunity for snorkeling on the shallow reef in the morning when the ocean waters are calm, where Dolphins might be seen, a fresh seafood lunch on the Wasini Island

You may also visit Swahili village and women boardwalk in the afternoon as well as the Shimoni Caves used for slave shipment to Zanzibar during the late 19th Century.

Kaya Kinondo Forest &Columbus Trust (3hrs)

While at South Coast Diani, an excursion to visit the Colobus trust a conservation organization with initiative of saving the endangered Colobus monkeys in the Coastal region and Kaya Kinondo; a sacred forest used for religion and traditional ceremonies by the Digo Community is worth undertaking.

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